A Marina Del Rey Dentist offering a better path

Marina Del Rey Dentist Dr. Scott Tamura and his dental team have created a total wellness approach to their practice called “Pathway to Health.” Clients are encouraged to set goals and achieve them on a personal timeline that allows for optimum health on their terms.

Determine your “Pathway to Health” with Marina Del Rey Dentist Dr. Scott L. Tamura DMD, LVIF

I came in for an emergency and have stayed 5 years. Dr. Tamura got me to see that my long-term dental health had a larger impact on the rest of my body. I’ve chosen my dentist for life.” — Avery T.

Marina Del Rey Dentist: Begin with the End In Mind Philosophy:

Dr. Tamura carefully assesses your current dental status. He performs a thorough evaluation of your teeth, your bite, your jaw joints, your posture and body while  reviewing your X-rays to help you create a “Pathway to Health” that will  not only impact your dental health but the health of your whole body.

Please review our sections below to get an idea of how you can begin to create your own “Pathway to Health.”

Marina Del Rey Dentist Helps You Find Your Own Unique and Individual Path In 5 Steps

Dr. Tamura: A Marina Del Rey Dentist uses goal setting to achieve optimum results

From the very first thorough visit, you will quickly gather that Dr. Tamura’s approach to dentistry is quite unique. His patients receive the ultimate in dental care due to this long-term plan building strategies.

You may have some target goals for your dental health, or you may want to learn more about how Dr. Tamura’s high tech computer interfaces can enhance your dental treatment and outcomes.  In either case, you will be the architect of your personalized “Pathway to Health” with your Marina Del Rey Dentist acting as a consultant, eager to provide any guidance you may need.

I really liked the plan we created. It was actually fun. And when I hit a milestone, it’s thrilling to see the results.”  — Cheryl L.

Our site is filled with lots of information and a guide to our philosophy of care.

When you visit our office, exceeding your expectations is our top priority.  Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve.

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