Extraordinary care from Marina Del Rey dentist Scott L. Tamura DMD, LVIF

Hi, I’m Dr. Scott Tamura and am very happy to say that we’ve created a unique dental practice with a reputation for excellence in Marina Del Rey, Venice and Culver City. One of the many things that brings patients back to our office and attracts new patients is our goal setting philosophy  called “Pathway to Health.”

Marina Del Rey dentist puts you on the right path

Marina Del Rey dentist puts you on the right path

Philosophy of a respected Marina Del Rey Dentist:

• Begin with the End in Mind
• Set Goals toward that vision
• Mark your milestone with success

Marina Del Rey Dentist: Build a better you

The success of our Marina Del Rey dental practice is the result of the conscious effort to help patients set real and attainable goals for their dental health. Goals for your overall health can start with the attainment of optimum oral health.

Instead of a dry as bones discourse on your plan, we’ve included a visual guide on our philosophy of Beginning with the End in Mind. Starting with Begin, through Rejuvenate, Align, Enhance and ending with Maintain, learn what a preplanned, destination focused course of action can do for your health and your life.

Training & Expertise

marina del rey dentist puts you on the right path

Marina Del Rey dentist provides the ultimate in care

We are a team of highly trained and skilled clinicians. We’ve built a practice that is based in comfort, warmth, the latest in technology and communication. To give you the best possible service and results, we are committed to continual education and learning.

We attend dental lectures, meetings, and dental conventions to stay informed of new techniques, the latest products, and the newest equipment that a modern, high tech dental office can utilize to provide state-of-the-art dental care.

Also, being members of various professional dental associations helps us to stay abreast of the changes and recommendations for our profession. Click HERE to book an appointment today and find out why we have diehard patients!

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