Summer girl portraitNightmares of seventh grade might ensue when you hear the word braces. Visions of headgear and being taunted with “brace face” are just a few of the painful memories that you might experience. Whether you’re an adult who needs braces or you’re interested in getting braces for your child, braces aren’t as bad as they used to be.


White Braces

With both white brackets and wire, white braces are ideal for individuals who are concerned about the appearance of traditional metal braces. These braces help to blend into your teeth, without having a full mouth of metal. However, just because the appearance of these braces is different, it doesn’t mean that the way they work is any different. By helping to reshape the line-up of your teeth, white braces work in the same manner as metal braces.


Tooth Pain

Depending on the age of the patient, and their level of pain tolerance, tooth pain is unfortunately a necessary part of getting any type of braces. By extreme tightening every month or two, your teeth and gums will feel nothing shy of sore. However, by taking Ibuprofen and icing your mouth, you can feel yourself again within the next day or two.



When it comes to braces, nobody wants to be one of those victims who has to wear braces throughout their entire four years of highscool. And as an adult, the longer the time frame for wearing braces only seems worse. Depending on the severity of your dental issues, you and your othodontist can discuss the average time frame for your braces. If time is a huge concern for you, mention it to your orthodontist and see if they can put your smile on a fast track to straight.


Whether you’re getting braces for yourself or for your child, they can seem like a complete nuisance. However, by understanding your options, the pain associated with them, and the time frame you are going to have to undergo, you can help make the best decision.


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