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Dr. Tamura’s TMJ Blog – Daily Strength


DailyStrength is a subsidiary of Sharecare, Inc., created by WebMD founder and Discovery Communications’ Chief of Global Digital Strategy Jeff Arnold, along with America’s Doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz,  It is the first truly interactive healthcare ecosystem giving consumers the ability to ask, learn and act on the questions of health.  Most everyone has a serious personal challenge themselves or has someone close to them that does. DailyStrength is a collection of safe, online support groups focused on over 500 specific challenges to help people overcome their personal challenge or support a loved one through theirs.  Dr. Scott Tamura is the designated Daily Strength TMJ Expert and writes a blog to encourage and help those that suffer with Temporomandibular Disorders and Craniofacial Pain.


Dr. Tamura’s Blog for Professionals –The Neuromuscular Clinician

The Neuromuscular Clinician represent a holistic philosophy of health care where a TEAM of interdependent practioners work together to impart healing in our mutual patients.  For far too long, each of us has worked independently within our disciplines, with mixed results, as our patients struggle with chronic pain.

This blog, is a celebration of the coming together of health care practioners of varied backgrounds, education and expertise, with one common goal:  the well being and healing of those who entrust their care to us.  If you have ever had a patient who just didn’t respond to your treatment the way you thought they should, maybe the adjunctive care of an allied health professional is what you need…


Dr. Tamura’s Blog for his Patients – Insider X-tras


Marina Del Rey dentist, Scott L. Tamura DMD, LVIF will make occasional posts to his patients on this blog.  Health care tips, new things he has learned, Continuing Education he and his team have recently completed, new technology he plans to introduce to his dental office, funny dental anecdotes and more.  Bookmark this blog and return on a regular basis to find out what’s new!