People are well aware of how important sleep is to the normal function and development of the body, especially the brain. To provide its full benefits, people should receive a full 6-8 hours of sleep undisturbed each night.

Unfortunately, those with breathing problems during sleep are unable to fully rest. Instead, they fight for air, resulting in lower levels of oxygen and poor sleep quality. This leads to further health risks including a weakened immune system, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system.

If you snore or wake up feeling tired, visit the office of Dr. Scott Tamura. Here, you will receive a consultation and all of the necessary information in order to manage the problem. The goal of our doctor is to correctly diagnose each person’s issue and choose the right treatment in order to provide a restful sleep.

Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Dr. Tamura uses Watch-Pat 200 technology, which helps him determine if a certain patient really has sleep apnea and the proper treatment. The device is small and similar to a wrist watch with sensors that go on the fingers. You can use it at home, instead of having to spend the night in a sleep lab.

As a patient, you can easily take the device from our office and return it on the next day when our doctor will have the required information to make a diagnosis.

Treatment Options

Depending on the results of your screening during the night with the new technology, you might either have sleep apnea or not. There are different severity levels of sleep apnea and different treatment options for each.

If you have a moderate or severe sleep apnea condition, then our doctor might send you to a sleep physician to help you. In most cases, the medical insurance covers the expenses that you might incur with the visit and treatment of your sleep physician.

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