Halloween PosterEvery trick-or-treater can spot a dentist from a mile away because instead of candy, they typically give out toothbrushes. As one of the most dreaded time of year by many dentists, Halloween boasts to wreak havoc on your children’s teeth with all of the added sugar. If you want to offer trick-or-treaters a healthier alternative to things like candy apples and sticky taffy this year, try giving out some of these goodies.

  1. Sugarfree Gum

Everybody loves gum— it keeps your mouth busy and your breath fresh. This year instead of giving out sugary treats, opt to give out sugar free packets of gum to trick-or-treaters instead. Whether you opt for a fruity flavor, bubble gum, or something more on the mint side of things, there is a sugarfree gum flavor that just about every kid will enjoy.

  1. Fruit Leather

Get rid of the idea of candy altogether and opt to give trick-or-treaters a sweet but organic sort of treat this year such as organic fruit leather. Made with 100% fruit, these still sugary treats, have less sugar than candy and are better for a child’s overall health than their candy counterparts.

  1. Sugarfree Candy

Although it might not sound quite as appetizing at first, sugar free candy has come a long way in the past several years. In fact, sugar free candy now comes in a wide assortment of options including hard candies and chocolates.

  1. Chocolate

If you just can’t get over the idea of being the house that hands out sugarfree candy, opt for a sugar filled candy that is more gentle on your teeth such as chocolate. By not having the ability to strictly adhere to your teeth like taffy and hard candy, chocolate is easy to rinse away with a cold glass of milk or water.

Try treating your trick-or-treaters to one of these four healthy alternatives to traditional candy this season— who knows, you might just be the new hit on the block!

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