Models - 21In the past straightening teeth was an issue. Children and adults weren’t keen on having pieces of metal and rubber bands in their mouths. An attempt to make the process a little more acceptable was made with the introduction of colored rubber bands. The idea being that the bands could be changed to match the outfit that the patient was wearing on that day.

Today things are much more sophisticated. One of the most advanced techniques for aligning the teeth is Invisaligners. Invisaligners are clear plastic molds that are made specifically for the patient’s mouth. They are soft, they do not hurt, and best of all, they are almost undetectable because they are made of the clear plastic.

The dentist will determine what work needs to be done to align your teeth.  Imprints of your teeth are made and you are given an initial mold to wear. After about two weeks, sometimes longer, you will be given another mold to wear. This process will continue until the teeth are in the desired alignment.

While you are wearing Invisaligners you will hardly be aware that they are there. They do not cause pain. They are soft and do their work gently. Before you know it your teeth will be perfectly aligned and beautiful.

To determine whether or not you are a candidate for Invisaligners make an appointment with Dr. Tamura, you can call his office or, for your convenience, make the appointment online at Dr. Tamura will discuss all your options with you. He will discuss the Invisalign procedure in detail and answer any questions you might have.

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