What is Tooth Decay?

What is a Cavity? Where does it come from? Watch this informative and fun video made by Dr. Tamura that explains everything you always wanted to know about Tooth Decay and how you get it.

Video Transcription

This is a Bacteria. Bacteria live inside of your mouth and help you digest your food. In order for the Bacteria to survive, they eat carbohydrates they find in your mouth. This is a cheeseburger. It is filled with Carbohydrates.

Bacteria + Cheeseburger = Acid.

When the Bacteria that live in your mouth eat Carbohydrates, they produce Acid. This is a tooth.

Tooth + Cheeseburger = Carbohydrates

When you eat a cheeseburger, Carbohydrates will get stuck to your tooth. 

When the Bacteria that are in your mouth eat the Carbohydrates that you don’t brush or floss away the bacteria will release acid onto your tooth which will dissolve away the tooth’s hard outer enamel protective cover.

The acid that is released by the bacteria will dissolve a hole in your tooth that is called Tooth Decay or a Cavity and the hard outer enamel is dissolved away, Protein is released. The bacteria use the protein that is released to multiply and call other bacteria that are in the area to come and feast on your tooth. This is how a cavity grows.

How To Fix A Cavity

If you feel you may have a cavity then it is wise to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tamura. He will do a full Dental Check Up which includes:

  • Full Set of dental x-rays
  • Comprehensive Oral Examination

Dr. Tamura will also recommend that you look into maintaining the health of your teeth and your gums on a regular basis. He will suggest a deep Teeth Cleaning.

It’s wise to follow up with your dentist if you feel you have a cavity. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Tamura, call (310) 822-0202.

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