Dental Treatments in Westchester CA

Providing Dental Procedures in Westchester and surrounding areas

Are you lookiDental Treatments by Marina Del Rey Dentist Dr Scott Tamurang for a dentist in the Westchester Los Angeles area? Do you need a teeth cleaning or teeth whitening but don’t know which dentist to choose? Fortunately, Los Angeles native Dr. Scott Tamura is a dentist in Marina Del Rey with over 27 years of experience. Dr. Scott Tamura is proud to have over 625 hours of continuing education in Neuromuscular dentistry. The practice is happy to provide a variety of Dental Treatments for residents in Westchester.

Our team of dental professionals can provide residents of Westchester with comfortable dental treatments to improve their oral health and overall health. Whether you live in Westchester, Playa Del Rey, Marina Del Rey, Venice, or the surrounding areas, Dr. Scott Tamura and his team can help with all of your dental needs.

Dr. Tamura specializes in the following dental services in Westchester:

With Dr. Scott Tamura’s years of experience and expertise in General and Cosmetic Dentistry, it’s no surprise that he’s one of the top dentists in the Westchester area. As a Westchester dentist, Dr. Tamura is proud to offer full comprehensive dental examinations and dental cleanings that not only meet, but exceed the rules and guidelines of the American Dental Association®.

When you come to Dr. Tamura’s office, you will be greeted by his knowledgeable and professional team. They will provide patients will resources and useful information to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and oral health.

For more information about our dental services call us at (310) 822-0202 or click here to request an appointment.