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  • A nice experience. I was looking for a dentist with waterlase which saves more tooth without that crazy drill if needed. So yeah, was very happy with the care I received. Well taken care of, any issue fully explained with the best solution. A very courteous and friendly staff.- Kim Pratings
  • I got an appointment with Dr Tamura by chance. I had a chipped tooth that I needed filed. It was good luck that I ended up with Dr Tamura. He is so knowledgeable and professional. The tooth had decay and needed a crown. If he wouldn’t have fixed it I probably would have lost the tooth. He is so passionate about is work and really works with his patients to make a plan that fits into their finances.- Mindy Yratings
  • Dr. Tamara is an expert dentist, and is concerned with not only giving the best of dental treatment and care but concerned with his patient’s comfort in his office, offering the most modern equipment, and helpful staff. They even gave me rides home when I needed it (I am disabled). I love watching a newish movie while having a more time consuming procedure, just one little extra that makes coming to this dentist more painless than it’s supposed to be. Eleanore Kane- Eleanore Kratings
  • Dr Tamura is passionate about helping his patients get well. He is unmatched in his handling of TMJ / TMD patients and the leading expert in posture – bite problems!! Brian Hale, DDS- Brian Hratings
  • I went to Dr. Tamura for a long overdue cleaning. Three of my friends already go to see Dr. Tamura. They said that his whole practice was different. I didn’t know what they really meant until I went. From the appointment on the phone through the entire process, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The whole team there is personable, funny, and warm. Everyone, Shawna, Liz, and Lorrie… they really care. I mean it. And Dr. T is the best. We made a plan for some things I really needed doing. It doesn’t happen all at once. That’s the best thing. He helps you set a pace that really works for you. I feel really good about the plan we made. You’ve got to go see Dr. Tamura!- Anonymousratings
  • Dr Tamura is a great dentist. If you want someone who can do dentistry that you don’t feel, this is your guy. I highly recommend him!- Josh S.ratings
  • Dr Tamura is great dentist. Very helpful, knowledgeable. He has been my dentist for over 5 years. I have moved out the area and I still go there because of his care.- Anonymousratings
  • So I go in to get this root canal done. Dr. T puts the movie goggles on and the next thing I know, I look up and there’s Dr. T.’s looking down at me laughing. I was so relaxed that I was out like a light. I fell asleep during a root canal with Dr. Tamura. How funny is that?!- Anonymousratings
  • Dentists are not my favorite thing so I put off going. When I finally do go to Dr. Tamura he has to fix a bunch of problems but overall I say that he is a good dentist I dont feel pain.- Anonymousratings
  • Definitely knows his stuff when it comes to TMJ. I go to him and an acupuncturist. Between Dr. Tamura and Dr. Ha I have noticed a big difference in the way I feel in general.- Anonymousratings
  • Dr. T is funny! He’s very sharp and likes to mix it up. I don’t go a lot because he fixed my teeth years ago so I just go in for cleanings and things like that. I never mind going because he’s great with patients. I would send people to him and I have.- Anonymousratings
  • I’ve been going to Dr. Tamura for almost five years now, initially for TMJ problems. He helped me make a master dental plan and I’ve gone way beyond what I thought was possible. I’ve started to see a huge improvement in my overall health as well as my job status. It’s not just about my smile I’ve changed my entire facial posture. I sleep better too. A lot has changed and it has made a huge difference in my life.- Anonymousratings
  • I needed to get my sleep apnea taken care of as this was affecting my life in more ways than I could handle. Searching for a near-by specialist I cam across Dr. Tamura. At our first appointment he explained the “why” about my sleep disorder and was very thorough on explaining on how to treat it. Long story short I no longer snore at night. I feel refreshed in the mornings and I have to thank Dr. Tamura for it. He’s simply the best.- Anonymousratings

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  • Dr. Tamura is the best!!! He is incredibly knowledgeable and also explains the services/treatments better than any other dentist I’ve seen. His office is welcoming and also is equipped with full movie selection while you undergo any extensive treatments (I mean who doesn’t want to watch Caddyshack while getting a filling?)- Charles V.ratings
  • Winning the patient drawing (Nook HD Tablet and Barnes & Noble gift card) was the highlight of my day.- Manhattan Beach, CAratings
  • Dr. Tamura and his entire staff are amazing, warm and extremely knowledgable! His office is inside a very nice business park in Marina Del Rey and parking is a breeze. I’ve never been more impressed with any doctor’s office. Dr. Tamura made me feel comfortable and informed me of every step of the process of removing an old filling and replacing with a crown before he began. They even have an awesome selection of movies to choose from, to watch during the procedure. I can’t explain how much it relaxes you and makes time fly. I will never go to another dentist and recommend the same for everyone.- Jody J.ratings
  • Dr. Tamura has been my dentist for several years now and continues to be the very best I’ve had. I find his staff to be very friendly…from the moment I walk in the door…and quite helpful as well. I work with many healthcare practices as a consultant, assisting them with their brands in the communities they serve and one of the first things I notice is how I’m greeted. They don’t know if I’m in pain or what my situation is when I walk in the door and many times I’m treated like a number, no friendly smiles and told to have a seat. This has never been the case when I come to Dr. Tamura’s office…I find them to be friendly, warm, caring and engaging. He is a consummate professional and he’s hired well. One of the things I like about seeing him is that when I’ve needed to have a procedure, he’s very good at sitting down and taking his time to explain WHY I need the procedure, WHAT caused me to need the procedure and HOW the procedure will be performed to ensure I am most comfortable all the way through it. He also explains how to avoid future issues and/or what can be done to prevent future issues. He has a bright personality, is fun and educational. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.- John S.rating
  • Dr Tamura and his staff have been so helpful when I was in pain. He had a real gentle hand when he went to inject me and I didn’t feel a thing. I got the referral from a good friend and was extremely happy with his work. No pain and a new smile I am very happy with the results. I would recommend Dr. Tamura to anyone that doesn’t like pain.- James N.rating
  • I have been visiting Dr Tamura for several years now, including my first visit after NOT seeing a dentist for about 7 years prior. Needless to say, I was nervous when I decided to see a dentist again. Here are my impressions:Welcoming staff: Always super pleasant, very nice, comfortable waiting room, even though I’ve never waited longer than 5 mins.

    Hygienist: She’s amazing, extremely nice, VERY gentle, and makes routine checkups super simple. Overall terrifically sweet person.

    Dr Tamura: Knowledgeable, explains in detail a lot of what is happening, including showing pictures of cavities (not just ex-rays) so I can see what he’s referring to before I make a decision. For fillings, he takes extra precautions to eliminate any any all pain (including adding a gel to numb your gums so you don’t even feel the Novocaine needle).

    Office in general: Very modern, very clean, and they have TV/Movie glasses in case you have any extra-long appointments.

    – Matt S.rating

  • All I know is after 26 years of my husband Tony F. seeing numerous dentists & doctors for TMJ, severe migraines and joint pain, Dr. Tamura has cured him of all problems after just a 2 treatments is amazing to me! Dr. Tamura found that his bit (alignment) was off, causing unnecessary pressure on his optical nerves, not to mention the cracks in his molars that previous dentists never detected. I thank Dr. Tamura for helping & healing my husband from the many years of suffering with pain !! Now Tony is doing great! I have not seen him this relaxed and pain free since we were in high school! ! I look forward to my visit, my daughters visit and referring our siblings and their families to Dr. Tamura! Thank you again!!!- Yoli F.rating