Why we choose Marina Del Rey Dentist Dr. Scott Tamura

Dr. Scott Tamura has dedicated his career to help people discover a new way to think about their dental health. This Marina Del Rey dentist unlocks the essential elements so that patients can benefit from planning, technology and their own vision of the future.

  • Improved confidence with fresh breath and healthy gums
  • Increased self esteem with a dazzling smile
  • Confidence knowing your teeth are strong restored with state of the art technology
  • Peace of Mind knowing you set goals for your health and accomplished them

Dr. Tamura’s patients are engaged in a unique way, opening doors for them that have a sustained impact.

This is our Marina Del Rey dentist

I’ve been going to Dr. Tamura for four or five years now. Together we developed my “Pathway to Health” and  I have gone way beyond what I thought was possible. I’ve started to see a huge improvement in my overall health as well as my job status. It’s not just about my smile I’ve changed my entire posture. I sleep better. A lot has changed and it has made a huge difference in my life.” — Dan H.

This is why Dr. T is my Marina Del Rey dentist for life

Our patients are filmmakers, musicians, business people, mothers, fathers, singles, children, medical professionals and professional athletes.

Each patient is unique and requires a different approach to their dental health. We believe that the most important service that we can offer you is a Master Plan for the future protection and preservation of your teeth, gums and jaw.

Where can you find a Marina Del Rey dentist this unique?

Right here. Lin has been a patient for seven years.

My husband gave me a cosmetic makeover for our anniversary. I had always wanted to get porcelain veneers because I didn’t take care of my teeth very well when I was growing up.  At first my friends thought it wasn’t a very romantic gift but after they saw how Dr. Tamura completely transformed my smile, they got it. One of my favorite gifts ever.”   — Lin C.

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