More stock images - 034Having your teeth aligned properly is something that most people don’t have naturally. Braces, retainers, and all that come with them are testament to how rare straight teeth are.

The reality is that the problem of improperly aligned teeth is usually addressed by moving the teeth. It is the balance present between the upper and lower jaws that leads to misaligned teeth. If the upper jaw is exerting too much pressure on the lower jaw then the result is going to be irregularly shaped and mismatching teeth. Neuromuscular dentistry involves jaw alignment.

At Marina Del Rey, we offer neuromuscular dentistry treatments that aim to correct the balance between your upper and lower jaws. Neuromuscular treatments can provide you a number of other benefits aside from solving your tooth alignment issues. You are going to have fewer headaches and pains in your joints once our neuromuscular dentists have adjusted the balance between your upper and lower jaws.

If you want to address your teeth alignment issues, then make an appointment with Dr. Tamura to come to our clinic and get yourself evaluated.