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Los Angeles native Dr. Scott Tamura has been a dentist in Marina Del Rey for over 27 years.  Dr. Tamura has over 625 hours of continuing education in Neuromuscular Dentistry at the prestigious post-doctoral training facility, The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies or LVI. He is one of the few dentists who have completed all seven Core Courses at LVI, and was the 116th dentist in the world honored with the designation as an LVI Fellow. Dr. Scott Tamura is a well known Marina Del Rey Dentist and provides dental treatments in the surrounding areas.


Neuromuscular Dentistry helping enhance people’s lives

Dr. Tamura has also taken his experience in treating his patients with Craniofacial Pain, and used the Neuromuscular principles of skeletal alignment with athletes.  The Athletic Performance Enhancing Orthotic’s (mouthpieces) he fabricates for his patients have given them increased strength, range of motion, speed, flexibility, stamina and increased mental alertness while under stress.

He firmly believes that performance enhancing mouthpieces will become commonplace in the near future, with all athletes, professional and amateur taking advantage of Neuromuscular principles to improve their fitness and performance.

Dr. Tamura and his wife, who is a Clinical Psychologist, live in Manhattan Beach with their two children.

Dr. Tamura’s Associations:

American Dental Association 

California Dental Association 

West Los Angeles Dental Society 

World Clinical Laser Institute 

American Academy of Craniofacial Pain 

The American Tinitus Association

The IAPA (International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics) 



Scott L. Tamura DMD, LVIF extensive post-doctoral training

Dr. Scott Tamura extensive post-doctoral training

Dr Tamura’s post-doctoral training:



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