More stock images - 034Most of the dental problems we deal with are caused by a poor dental hygiene routine. When we don’t brush and floss properly, food particles get stuck on our teeth and gums. These food particles attract bacteria, which is the beginning of the process of dental decay.

There are a number of treatment options available for dental problems. From implants and crowns to dentures and braces, there are many ways to address dental problems. Lately, the use of lasers has also become common in dentistry.

At Marina Del Rey, we use lasers in various procedures. We use lasers to remove decay within a tooth and to prepare the surrounding enamel for the filling. We use lasers to cure those fillings. We reshape gums and remove bacteria with lasers during root canals. Lasers can also remove lesions and be used for taking biopsies. And we use lasers to activate our peroxide bleaching solution in teeth whitening.

As dental techniques continue to evolve, so do we at Dr. Tamura’s practice. Laser dentistry is just one of the latest advancements that can benefit you.