DermaFracOur 5-step philosophy is Begin, Rejuvenate, Align, Enhance, and Maintain. Today we want to talk about some of the ways we rejuvenate your mouth to produce a better you. We use porcelain inlays and overlays to help heal and guard your mouth against cavities. But what are inlays and overlays, and why do we use porcelain instead of metal?

What are Inlays?
Inlays are specially crafted fillings that are a healthier alternative to metal fillings. Inlays placed within the cusp of a tooth.

Metal fillings are on their way out and being replaced by alternatives such as inlays. While we still install metal fillings, we now know that do not bond as well with the tooth and put pressure on the outer enamel. They expand and contract with heat, weakening the tooth structure.

The new technologies we have with inlays and overlays allow us to bond the new filling directly to the tooth, reinforcing the enamel rather than stressing it. This gives you a healthier mouth that is more resistant to damage and decay!

What are Overlays?

Like inlays, overlays are also fillings and help restore a tooth after it has been eaten out by a cavity. However, overlays (as their name suggests) tend to be placed on the outer layer or crown of the tooth, rather than inside the cusp.

Overlays also help prevent further cavities and structural damage to your teeth. They protect your inner tooth from rot and decay. They structurally support your teeth so they are stronger and their tighter fit keeps your teeth looking and feeling natural.

Benefits of Porcelain Inlays and Overlays

The porcelain we use to make inlays and overlays is made out of a specially strengthening formula that maximizes the look and practical use of the inlays and overlays. Porcelain fillings are a much better alternative to other fillings for several reasons. The color and texture match your teeth to look and feel more natural. Porcelain is stain resistant so your teeth will always look good. The fillings are more durable than traditional fillings and can protect your teeth against decay.

The only drawback to porcelain over other filling options is that the inlays and overlays require two visits to install completely. During the first visit, we will take a mold of your teeth so that we can make an inlay or overlay that matches your tooth exactly.


We then schedule a second visit, and in the meantime we create the porcelain piece. When you come in, we install it to make sure it is a perfect fit. The benefits of the inlays and overlays strongly outweigh the inconvenience of the two-part installation process.

We use porcelain because the inlays and overlays are more effective than other methods, and are more realistic and healthy for your mouth. If you have further questions or want to begin onto your pathway to health, we encourage you to contact us today for an appointment!