dental braces for kidsIf you lived through junior high school with a mouth full of braces then you likely know just how awkward it can be. Not only can kids be cruel and call you names like “brace face” but braces can also enhance the overall awkward faze of pre-teen life. If your child needs braces but is feeling nervous about getting them because of appearances, try these tips to help them gain their confidence and stand a little taller.

Look Up Famous People
As unfortunate as it may sound, teens and pre-teens look up to celebrities. From Justin Bieber to Ariana Grande, the celebrities that our children see on TV and in the media play a huge role in their lives. To help you child gain the confidence they need while wearing braces, try to look up images of famous people who have had braces. By seeing that people like Kendall and Kylie Jenner have sported metal braces, they will hopefully find a bit more confidence i that.

Emphasize Their Good Looks
Whether you have a son or a daughter, kids in junior high are self-conscious about their looks. Not only are their bodies changing due to puberty, but their hormones are raging as well, which means that they will want to look extra good for the opposite sex. As another way to help your child feel more confident while wearing braces, make sure to emphasize just how handsome or beautiful they can still be while wearing their braces. Beforehand, simply stand behind your child in the mirror and have them smile. Tell them just how good they look and how they will look equally as good with braces on, and even that much better once they are removed.

Focus on the End Result
When you’re a kid it can be hard to put things into perspective. However, make sure to focus on the end result when talking to your child about braces. Make sure to emphasize to them that braces are temporary and that once they are removed, they will have straight teeth for the rest of their lives.

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