Is the facility clean & modern with the latest high-tech equipment?

We are proud of our State-of-the-Art dental facility. We use the latest OSHA and CDC guidelines for sterilization of all our dental instruments and operatories. Our top of the line Instrument Sterilizer undergoes weekly Spore Testing to insure that no infectious pathogens are present in any of our dental operatories.

Dr. Tamura believes that having the most up to date dental equipment is absolutely vital to providing his patients with the most pain free, comfortable and highest quality dental treatment available. Below are just a few examples of the high tech dental technology employed in our state of the art dental facility in Marina Del Rey:

  • Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection System: As discussed in the New York Times Article many cavities can go undetected by the naked eye. Using advanced laser technology, Dr. Tamura can detect incipient (just starting out) decay before it gets big which decreases cost, drilling, pain and amount of anesthesia necessary to correct the problem. For a video that shows how the Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection System works click HERE.For a Scientific article from the National Institute of Health verifying the efficacy of the Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection System click HERE.
  • CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Tomographic) 3D Radiology: Cone-beam computed tomography systems (CBCT) are a lower dose variation of traditional medical CT scans. The CBCT system used by Dr. Tamura rotates around the patient, capturing data using a cone-shaped X-ray beam. The data collected is used to reconstruct a three-dimensional (3D) image of the following regions of a patient’s anatomy: dental (teeth); oral and maxillofacial region (mouth, upper jaw, lower jaw, jaw joints and neck); and ears, nose, and throat (“ENT”). Dental CBCT systems have been sold in the United States since the early 2000s and are increasingly used by radiologists and dental professionals for various clinical applications including dental implant planning, visualization of abnormal teeth, evaluation of the jaws and face, jaw joint (TMJ) assessment, diagnosis of dental caries (cavities), endodontic (root canal) diagnosis, and diagnosis of dental trauma. X-ray imaging, including dental CBCT, provides a fast, non-invasive way of answering a number of clinical questions. Dental CBCT images provide three-dimensional (3-D) information, rather than the two-dimensional (2-D) information provided by a conventional X-ray image. This may help with the diagnosis, treatment planning and evaluation of certain conditions. The radiation doses from dental CBCT exams (20-70 uSv) are significantly lower than medical CT exams (314 sUv). For more information on the VaTech 3D X-ray unit that Dr. Tamura uses, click HERE.
  • Biolase Waterlase YSGG Dental Laser: The most advanced technology available for use in dentistry, the Biolase Dental Laser imparts water particles with Laser Energy for virtually pain free procedures from gum sculpting to removing decay without the need for anesthetic. Laser energy is biostimulating to enhance healing from surgical procedures and cauterizes tissues so there is minimal bleeding. To watch a video of how painless a Waterlase Dental Laser can be click HERE.
  • Diode Dental Hygiene Laser: The Diode Laser used by our Hygienist creates special, highly concentrated non-ionizing radiation, and sends it through an optical fiber to a handpiece. Our hygienist uses the handpiece to aim the laser energy below your gums to disinfect your mouth by removing all of the bacteria that cause gum disease. If you have a more advanced stage of gum disease and need Deep Scaling, our hygienist can use her Diode Laser to gently remove infected gum tissue with little to no bleeding, no pain and no post operative swelling of your gum tissues. Diode Laser Dentistry was developed specifically to treat gums and other soft tissues in the mouth safely and comfortably. It can be harmful to eyes, however, so anyone in the treatment room when the laser is being used must wear special wavelength specific protective glasses. To see a video on how the Diode Dental Hygiene Laser works click HERE.
  • IRIS Intra Oral Camera: A vita part of every patients dental examination is the use of Dr. Tamura’s Intraoral Camera. This micro camera with a fiber optic light mounted on the end of a wand can be placed in the mouth and videos or pictures taken of your teeth and gums can be shown on a 30 inch computer monitor in the operatory. Dr. Tamura can see things (magnified 10x’s) that are not visible to the naked eye. This increases the quality and accuracy of our diagnosis of any dental problems and is a great tool for patients to learn about their mouth and oral health. Call our office today to set up an appointment to get a “tour of your mouth”. To watch a video on how an Intraoral Camera works click HERE.
  • Salivary DNA Testing: For a minimal fee (sometimes paid for by your medical insurance) a sample of your saliva can be sent to Oral DNA Labs in Minnesota. Results of this simple test can screen you for the bacteria that cause: Gum Disease, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke, Oral Cancer, Throat Cancer and even Pre-Term Birth in pregnant women.
    To watch a video on Salivary DNA Testing click HERE.
    For more information from the Laboratory that developed this amazing technology click HERE.