If you visit Dr. Tamura’s home page and click on the “Enhance” button, this cute little kid comes up and the caption reads, “Even if you are already cute, you can become cuter.” You can find this on Dr. Tamura’s web page www.drtamura.com and on YouTube. It’s a very cute commercial, short and to the point, and, more important, it’s true.

Dentistry today can offer many things to many people. In the “good old days,” you went to the dentist to have teeth repaired, removed, or cleaned and that was about it. Now, not only do you have the ability to have all of the above, but there are many more procedures that Dr. Tamura can perform that really will make you “cuter.”

If your need a replacement tooth or teeth, there are several methods that can be used; you choose the method that suits you. Do you want a partial? A bridge? Maybe an implant?

Do you think your teeth aren’t white enough? There are methods to whiten the teeth to your satisfaction and give you the bright white smile you seek.

Another problem many of us encounter is the feeling, or fact, that the teeth aren’t properly aligned. With today’s modern dentistry and with Dr. Tamura’s expertise this is a simple matter. You don’t have to wear braces, no elastic bands, no difficulty eating. The modern approach is painless, and is not easily detectable by others.

So, you see, you can be more beautiful than you already are. Decide what it is you would like to have done, discuss it with Dr. Tamura, and you are on your way to the new you!