mcdentistryThe problem with dentistry today is that dentists are under increasing pressure to service as many patients as possible, in as little time as possible, to increase their profitability. The flaw with this business model is that it doesn’t treat patients as individuals. Dr. Tamura believes that the key to improving a patient’s oral health is through building a relationship with his patients. Finding out what they need, want and desire, and then providing them with a customized treatment plan to get done what they want, with the most high tech equipment available, within their budget in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

This all begins with a full and thorough comprehensive dental examination that evaluates more than just your teeth. A comprehensive evaluation includes monitoring your health history, blood pressure, your gums, your breath, your bite, the muscles of the head and neck, your posture, your jaw joints and even your breathing and sleeping patterns (to rule out sleep apnea). We can guarantee that once you have a dental examination at Dr. Tamura’s office, it will be the most thorough oral health evaluation you have ever experienced.