Begin… with the end in mind

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful in life while others struggle? This subject was studied at the Harvard School of Business. The conclusion of their research was that “people who set goals for themselves were 95% more likely to be successful than those who do not.”

Begin the transformation with this Marina Del Rey dentist

Begin the transformation with this Marina Del Rey dentist

We suggest you think about your dental treatment in terms of the oral health goals you want to achieve in the future. Most people are not used to setting goals and making a plan for their long-term health. When you practice the philosophy of “Begin with the End in Mind,” you are more likely to reach your destination. Dr. Tamura and his team can help you shape that vision.

During your initial visit to our Marina Del Rey office, Dr. Tamura will discuss with you three things:

• Your Dental Past
• Your Dental Present
• Your Dental Future


The more information you can give us about your past dental experiences, the better equipped we can be to exceed your expectations in our office. Were your past experiences good? Were they bad? Your past dental experiences will shape the way you view your dental treatment today and can help Dr. Tamura design a plan for your dental health that avoids the types of negative things that may have happened to you in other dental offices.


We’d like you to share with us where you are at today. Do you have any toothaches, gums that bleed or maybe you just want a whiter smile. It is important to us to find out what your present concerns are so we can make sure we address all your needs, wants and desires.


Your job is to determine the level of dental health you want to have in 5, 10 or 20 years. Our job is to make sure you get there.

Once we know where you are today, we will help you build your Pathway to Health. No one can be responsible for your health but you. By designing your own personal “Pathway to Health,” you will be taking control of your own wellness and empowering yourself to choose health.

Your Pathway to Health:

• Helps you Attain and Maintain optimum oral health
• Saves you money
• Improves your overall health
• Brings positive life changes

“The best dentist I’ve ever had”

“I thought I was just going in to get a filling replaced. What I got instead, was a thorough understanding of how improving my dental health could significantly change my overall health.

With Dr. Tamura and Shawna, the dental hygienist, I made a plan that I’ve committed to for nearly three years. I’ve never looked or felt better. My medical doctor was even proud of the steps I had taken with Dr. Tamura. The best dentist I’ve ever had and the only one I’ll ever have.” — Teresa P.

The Four Levels of Dental Care

Level I: Urgent Care

People in crisis need immediate help. We try to see all emergencies immediately, whenever possible. Dr. Tamura is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, this is not the primary focus of our practice. We are happy to see emergencies, but we do not believe that our patients should be maintained in a long-term emergency or crisis-only status.

Level II: Remedial Care

Patients who choose this level of care come to our office only when something breaks or become uncomfortable. Generally, patients at this level prefer short, cursory examinations, screening for more obvious advanced problems.

They usually want to correct immediate problems with as little time and cost as possible. People at this level are not yet ready for either comprehensive or preventative treatment. They live by the adage, “Let’s do as little as possible today and let tomorrow take care of itself.”

Level III: Maintenance Care

People who choose this level of care want to take an active part in the prevention of present and future dental disease problems but choose short-range repair solutions.

They usually choose a 2 to 5 year reparative or corrective treatment, knowing quite possibly that the dental treatment performed today will have to be repeated again in the near future.

This level of patient participates in dedicated preventive efforts to stave off problems in the future but takes care of today’s needs with an eye towards lower costs rather than longer lasting investments in their oral health.

Level IV: Optimum Care

Patients at this level are similar to people described in the Level III. They choose to have comprehensive examinations and use goal setting strategies to formulate long-term treatment plans for health and repair to achieve a future based on choice, not chance.

Unlike the patients in Level III, these patients are ready to start treatment. These patients are very concerned about treating the causes of dental disease and are not satisfied with simply treating the effects of their dental problems.

They realize that all dental treatment comes with either a front end or back end cost and they would rather pay a little more on the front end and have the most long lasting dental treatments performed. A Level IV patient knows that this path will save them time and money in the long run.

Choose Your Dental Care Level!

Choose the best dental care level for your lifestyle and let us help you create your own personalized “Pathway to Health.”
One thing we love about the dental practice we’ve built is that many people may start as a Level II or III Patient and then they jump to IV because they begin to see the big picture. There is never any pressure to be at any Level of Care.

Make an appointment with Dr. Tamura today and let’s Begin to build your “Pathway to Health.”