shutterstock_176031716Choosing the right dentist is a crucial decision that we all need to make in our lives. We need someone whom we can trust to render extraordinary service without sacrificing on costs. All of these things can be easily advertised by any clinic, but only few live by it.

At Dr. Scott L. Tamura’s dental clinic, we provide quality services by practicing a patient-centered approach geared towards the improvement of a patient’s dental and overall health. We are different from other dental clinics at Marina Del Rey, CA because we:

  • Practice a total wellness approach called “Pathway to Health” with our patients
  • Provide personalized and customized timeline for optimum health
  • Offer full comprehensive evaluation for overall health
  • Build long term plans to achieve outstanding results

As clinicians, we believe that the most important thing in achieving quality dental health is having a positive outlook on life. Even if we provide the most advanced dental techniques out there, it will accumulate to nothing if the patient is not fully focused on achieving his main goal.

What you need to know on your First Dental Visit

We are fully committed to providing a quality dental service to all our patients. We put an emphasis on your first visit by introducing you to our team of professionals and giving you a tour of our facilities.

Your first dental visit is a very important phase for us because it gives us the chance to examine your situation, consider possible treatments or procedures, and start to build long-term plans towards achieving the main goal. Your dental and medical history is important to us to fully understand your situation and needs. Our technicians may also ask you to complete some tests, such as:

  • Full set of digital dental x-rays including review and consultation
  • Discovery of other dental problems using Intraoral Video Camera
  • Full Occlusal Evaluation for biting activities
  • Postural or Sonographic Evaluation if necessary

At our dental clinic, we always make sure that our patients are equipped with the relevant knowledge before embarking on any treatment or procedure. Above everything else, we put your welfare first. Thus, it is only right to have consultation and discussion sessions regarding probable treatments and long term planning.

Building a Better You

Not only do we offer you a world-class smile, we aim to improve your overall health in general. What makes us unique among other dental clinics in Marina Del Rey?

  • We practice what we preach
  • We encourage patients to set goals towards a vision
  • We put emphasis on providing extraordinary care to promote dental health

For more information on our services, appointment bookings, financing options and available treatments or procedures, call us directly at (310) 822-0202. We recommend that patients fill-out our online forms before coming to our clinic.

Let us help you achieve your dental dreams by experiencing extraordinary care from Dr. Scott Tamura. It will be our privilege to serve you!