Bad breath in marina del rey, caNothing is worse than sitting in tight quarters with somebody whose breath smells nothing short of sewage. Not only does it make you want to run for the door but it also makes you want to offer up a container or two of breath mints to them. Don’t be one of these people— if you think that you have bad breath, learn how to combat it the right way. Read on to learn more.

Visit the Dentist

If you suffer from severe bad breath that doesn’t go away after you drink a glass of water or brush your teeth, then you may have some sort of dental infection that’s causing the bad breath. The best thing to do? Schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. That way your dentist can get to the root of the problem and help rid you of bad breath quickly.

Drink more Water

People who are dehydrated tend to have worse breath. If you’re not known for drinking much water, it’s time to change that habit. Instead of carrying around a cup of coffee or soda all day, switch it to an ice cold water bottle. By staying hydrated, you will not only be able to keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh, but you will do the rest of your body wonders as well.

Brush Your Tongue

Some people may not realize the importance of brushing their tongue while brushing their teeth. Sure you’re supposed to spend a majority of the time brushing your pearly whites, but for the last thirty seconds try giving your tongue a good brush down. This will help to rid your tongue of any germs or bacteria that may lead to bad breath.

Avoid Certain Foods

It may sound like a no brainer, but if you’re the type of person who likes to indulge in foods filled with garlic, onion, and other spices, then you might want to give them a break. Nothing is worse than garlic or onion breath. Especially if you have to sit close to someone. Instead, opt for something like a salad or pasta that doesn’t have tons of garlic.

To learn more about how you can combat your bad breath, contact our office today!