Get A Dental Alignment Examination in Our Marina Del Rey Office

“A young man goes to work each day, five days a week for 30 years.  He has a dream.  He doesn’t buy fancy cars or a flat panel TV.  He lives meagerly and saves all his extra money.  He dreams of a big, beautiful, brand new white house next to a lake.  He is excited when construction begins and eagerly awaits the day he can move in to his new house. 

The day before he is about to move in to the house he has dreamed of for over 30 years, he gets a call from his contractor.  The voice on the other end says “I am sorry.”  The contractor says that prior to beginning construction, they did not do a geological survey of the land that the house was built on.  He then informs the man that the thing he has dreamed of for over 30 years was built on quicksand.”

Marina Del Rey Dentist focuses on our total alignment

Marina Del Rey Dentist focuses on our total alignment

When you meet Dr. Tamura, you will have the most thorough examination you have ever had.  He will not only comprehensively examine your teeth, gums and bone using a microscopic camera, but he will also evaluate your Body Posture, Gait (walking patterns), TMJ (jaw joints) and Airway.   This is your equivalent of a geological survey of the land we are going Rejuvenate.

If you are going to spend the time and money to create the smile you always wanted, we believe it is important that we make sure it is built on solid ground.

A solid foundation on which to build, is the basis for the concept of ALIGNMENT.  The philosophy of alignmemt is not something that Dr. Tamura created.  It is in nature and all around us.  It says that the position of your teeth will determine the position of your lower jaw.  This will have a direct effect on the rotation of your head, which will affect your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, ankles and feet.

Dr.  Tamura’s Posture for Dummies

If you have headaches, migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, backaches, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain or foot pain, you may have a Descending Postural Imbalance.  These are aches and pains that come from having a “Bad Bite.”   An imbalance in your bite can lead to problems in what may seem like unrelated parts of your body.

Dr. Tamura’s TMJ for Dummies

Problems with the way your teeth come together can also cause popping and clicking in your jaw joints and can even cause your jaws to lock open or lock closed.   If you have headaches and jaw joint problems you may be experiencing something called TMJ. If your teeth don’t come together evenly, it can also cause ear problems such as ringing in the ears, balance problems, or full/stuffy/itchy ears.

Dr. Tamura’s Airway for Dummies

Improper swallowing patterns can cause narrowing of your upper and lower jaws.  Narrow lower jaws can displace the tongue so it blocks the airway at the back of your throat.  This can lead to a life threatening breathing disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Neuromuscular Dentistry by Dr. Scott Tamura

If you feel like you have an uneven or unstable bite or problems with your jaw joints, you can ask Dr. Tamura about having a Neuromuscular evaluation to determine if a problem with the way your teeth fit together is causing Mal-Alignment in other parts of your body, which is leading to pain and discomfort.

Are You Stressed Out?

Alignment is not limited to structural pathology.  You can also be Out-of-Alignment when it comes to your bodies ability to deal with STRESS.  Stress from work, relationships, finances, whatever, can cause your Central Nervous System to become out of balance/alignment.  When this happens you may have trouble sleeping, concentrating at work or school, become irritable or chronically fatigued.  Dr. Tamura believes so strongly in total body/mind alignment, that he has partnered with a great company called NeuroHealth.

Enzymatic Proteins in your saliva increase when your body is out of alignment due to stress.  Neuroscience has developed cutting edge technology to evaluate you for elevated levels of stress hormones with the testing billed to your medical insurance.   Once Dr. Tamura receives the results of your test, he will consult with you about All Natural, Homeopathic supplements you can take to re-balance your system and return you to Alignment.

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