Oral Health - Dentist in Marina Del Rey, CADays of begging your parents to take you to the local convenient store to pick up a bright pink pack of bubble gum might be over, but what adult still doesn’t love chewing on a nice piece of gum everyday? Plus, did you know that by chewing sugar free gum you can actually help to prevent cavities and keep your mouth cleaner than before? That sounds like a win/win for everyone involved, doesn’t it? Read on to learn more about the oral benefits of chewing sugarfree gum.

  1. Saliva Production

Have you noticed that if you have a dry mouth or are thirsty, and you chew a piece of gum your mouth suddenly isn’t as dry anymore? That’s because chewing gum causes your salivary glands to go into motion— leaving you with a moist mouth. But, saliva isn’t just good for comfort— in fact, saliva is also great at protecting your mouth from additional plaque or bacteria build up. By acting similar to something like a mouthwash, saliva works to wash away any plaque or tartar buildup on your teeth— leaving you with a cleaner smile and out of the dentist chair.

  1. Freshens Your Breath

If you enjoy chewing on sugarfree bubblegum, you might not experience that fresh breath sensation the same way you would by chewing on mint gum. However, by chewing on a piece of sugar free mint gum after every meal or even after your morning cup of coffee will help your breath to feel, taste, and smell fresher than before.

  1. Cleans Your Teeth

If you think about it, chewing gum acts as a temporary toothbrush until you get home to brush your teeth. By picking up tartar, plaque, or even pieces of food that may be trapped in your teeth, gum is the perfect solution to keeping your mouth clean without having to brush your teeth so often. However, it should be noted that chewing gum should never replace the act of brushing your teeth— you should brush your teeth as soon as you get home or are able to.

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