Dr. Scott Tamura specializes in the area of laser dentistry. In a laser dentistry procedure, the pulses of light are applied to the area that is about to be treated. The light is used in different wavelengths, depending on the procedure.

Diagnodent Laser

A diagnodent laser gives Dr. Tamura the chance to detect decay inside the teeth at an earlier stage than without a laser. Benefits of this procedure include:

  • Preservation of teeth due to the early repair of the tooth
  • Less pain due to decay
  • Prevention of tooth sensitivity
  • No need for further treatment which might be expensive and complex

These laser treatment helps Dr. Tamura detect cavities as they begin, before they start causing you pain.

Waterlase MD

The Waterlase MD laser cuts through the enamel and does the work of a drill, without the drill. People who are nervous and anxious about the dentist might consider using the Waterlase MD option for their visit.

The Waterlase MD is not always possible to treat all types of oral health problems, so you will need to consult with Dr. Tamura. However, if possible, the laser is less painful, more cost effective, and requires less treatment time

If you are interested, talk to Dr. Tamura about the possibility of using Waterlase MD to treat your dental problems.

Diode Laser EZlase

The Diode Laser EZlase can be used to treat gum disease and canker sores and can help sculpt the gums for a better smile.

The laser also has varied settings for other uses. It can be applied to disinfect the mouth for a deeper clean and can kill bacteria under the gum line that can cause gum disease.

If you are interested in laser dental treatments, give Dr. Scott Tamura’s office a call today! We can provide you with more information and make an appointment to see you soon.