Size does not fit all


A customized treatment plan designed specifically for you.


PAST: We let your past dental experiences (both good and bad) guide us in designing your dental treatment today.

PRESENT: At the dental office of Dr. Scott Tamura, you will undergo the most comprehensive Oral Health Evaluation you have ever experienced, using the most advanced computerized technology available to modern dentistry.

FUTURE: An amazing smile, healthy teeth and gums with fresh breath, beautiful back teeth that function efficiently and help support your breathing and posture.

This doesn’t happen by accident….

It is accomplished by making a plan, executing that plan and maintaining the results of that plan on a routine and ongoing basis.

What’s that you say? You don’t have a plan? That’s OK, counseling our patients on goal setting and forming action plans, is what we are experts at. We also have the systems in place to keep you on track until you achieve all of your Oral Health Goals, and once achieved, helping you to maintain your new beautiful smile for the rest of your life.